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Circular Redhill and Reigate

A circular economy is one that minimises or even eliminates waste - wasted product and wasted energy.

It is well established that green energy can only take us so far to mitigate climate change. We will need to far reduce the use of energy to balance with availability.


We also know that our linear economy, 'take, make, dispose', is at fault in degrading the earth's natural, limited resources. 

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For Redhill and Reigate to thrive and be more circular, in all aspects of life, we need to use resources more carefully, embrace long lasting design and engage with good maintenance.


We need to maximise repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing and recycling.


Business models need to be collaborative – one person’s waste is another person’s raw material.

Circular Redhill and Reigate is a growing initiative whereby we aim to focus on the local business community to encourage and support efforts made to be 'more circular' within their business models.


This support may include sharing expertise, for example in waste management, and in economic benefits. We will shine light on examples of the ethos in practice which in itself can promote the business. 

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation website has interesting resources and links.

Click here for a 3minute video



We are seeking people to get involved at these initial stages - to bring interest, expertise, or keenness to learn. Contact us to find out more.

Call Claire on 07939 052 816

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