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Home Energy Champions

Can you help us make a positive difference to local people facing the challenge of heating their homes this Winter? We are looking for great people to fill paid and volunteer roles.

About us

Energy Action Redhill and Reigate (EARR) is a not-for-profit community energy company run by a small team of volunteer Directors. We were formed out of Climate Action Redhill and Reigate (CARR). We have started providing energy saving suggestions for local residents  through surveys of homes, supported by an infrared camera, in the Redhill and Reigate area. We are expanding our outreach to offer energy advice during the cost of living crisis. We are also looking for opportunities to develop community-led renewable energy projects.


The Leaky Homes Survey

We are offering to visit the homes of local residents and make tailor-made suggestions about ways they could improve their energy efficiency and potentially save on bills. We will visit 4-5 residents in a small area (e.g., 1-2 roads close together) on the available nights. To date we have relied on residents taking the lead in contacting their neighbours to arrange visits; our expectation is that with increased marketing and by word of mouth that the word will spread and further clusters of residents will come forward  

Our surveys are conducted by an Energy Champion and volunteer who together carry out a short home energy survey using an infrared camera and standard questionnaire during a home visit of about 30mins. Thermal photos are taken from the outside walls to show to residents where the major heat losses are; these need to be taken in the evening when it is cooler outside (and sunlit walls have cooled). The Energy Champion discusses any findings during the visit and submits a report, including photos with suggestions for follow up actions.

Now Energy Action Redhill and Reigate are creating a local network of Home Energy Champions who will carry out home energy surveys and events to support residents wanting to reduce their energy bills and keep warmer in their homes. With both volunteer and paid Energy Champion roles possible, we are on a mission to find those as passionate as we are about making sure that everyone needing it, receives this help

Does this sound like you? Read on to find out more about the role and how you can help.

The Opportunity


Job title - Home Energy Champions

Job location - Redhill and Reigate area; Conducting home surveys as requested.

Hours - Mostly 1-2 evenings per week depending on demand for home surveys, during February and March.

Contract - Self-employed with remuneration based on no. of surveys completed.

Report to - EARR Project Coordinator

Training - Energy Champion training provided by Energise South on Saturday 28th January 2023.


The job description

As a Home Energy Champion you will be required to provide tailored suggestions and support, helping residents reduce their energy use, cut fuel bill costs and make their homes easier to keep warm.

This will primarily be based on the Home surveys, using our bespoke survey and infrared camera to identify issues and make suggestions.  The Home Energy Champion will undertake the following:

  • Complete the EARR home energy questionnaire with the Householder

  • Identify areas of potential improved efficiency or energy saving measures

  • Supervising/taking pictures using the LED camera

  • Interpreting the results to support improved efficiency or energy saving measures

  • Completing a templated report, with suggestions and observations for the homeowner

  • Reviewing with the project coordinator for any modifications

  • Sending to the householder and answering any follow up questions.

What are we looking for

As home energy champion your  main role will be to offer suggestions and potential solutions to a wide range of people primarily in their homes. You will have strong communication skills, be a great listener, and empathic with a caring approach. It is important you understand specific challenges faced by households, have a practical approach to solving problems and are comfortable building a rapport with residents You will be happy to work flexibly and to use your own initiative and judgement to support residents. This could include helping them install simple energy efficiency  measures, such as LED bulbs, draught excluders, and radiator reflectors, for example. There could also be opportunities to signpost them to additional support services.

We would also like you to join us at events such as drop in energy advice cafes. Help us, too, to deliver talks to community groups and build links with key local organisations.

Training and expertise

We are looking for Energy Champions who are passionate both about energy and about helping people, rather than formally qualified people. Ideally you will have some practical knowledge of basic energy saving and efficiency approaches. This will be supplemented by our free training which we would like all our Energy Champions to attend on Saturday 28th January in Guilford at 'Zero', their climate hub. The training is provided by Energise South and will cover the basics of domestic energy efficiency and the availability of support to residents. Here is the link for the training.

Having your own vehicle, or access to one, is helpful for carrying out home visits and you may be carrying light energy efficiency materials (e.g. draughtproofing) with you. However, do talk to us if you don’t have access to transport and we can arrange for you to work locally or with a volunteer who does.

As you may be dealing with vulnerable people in their own homes, you will also need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate in order to carry out the role.

How to join us

If you are interested in the role or want to discuss the Energy Champion role in more detail, then please contact us by email on or by calling Graham Burr Secretary of EARR on 07986 353 493. To help us know something about you, it would also be helpful if you completed our application form (below) sending that to the above email, with the heading Energy Champion Role.
Please note that we are hosting an Energy Champion training course in Guildford on Saturday 28th January run by Energise South, to which you are invited to come to – please let us know.
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