Sustainable Energy Group

We want to help make all our buildings more sustainable in their energy use, through:

  • Energy efficiency retrofit

  • Behaviour change

  • Renewable energy installations (e.g. on-site solar PV)

solar panels.jpg

We will focus on buildings which are not publicly owned / run (as Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council already have plans to improve those buildings):

  • Community buildings: charity headquarters/offices, faith-based buildings, sports clubs, and other community assets

  • Schools (private, but encouraging / using learning across all schools)

  • Residential: houses/flats

  • Commercial: warehouses, shops, offices 

The aim is to significantly change the carbon footprint of these buildings / their occupants in the near-term and to make ‘net zero’ achievable in the long-term. We will act by:

  • Engaging and educating building owners / occupiers

  • Undertaking energy surveys resulting in recommended actions

  • Making use of central and local government support schemes to enable actions

  • Using successful approaches from other similar schemes​

Radiator Temperature Wheel

We would like to hear from you if you:

  • Have relevant experience or are interested in helping with these actions

  • Want to make your building’s energy use more sustainable

Find out more about how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

See here for inspiring examples of local projects where people have reduced the carbon footprint of their building.