Our Current Projects

We are at the beginning of our Action Group. Here the fun begins! To grow as a group, we will need to develop our imagination of how Reigate and Redhill could be living differently. 

Here are the 3 initial projects we have underway - but we are hoping to expand the range and scope as we grow - and hopefully create sub-groups of different interests. 


Sustainable Energy in our buildings:

We are a sub-group of Climate Action Redhill and Reigate who are focused on making a difference with reducing the carbon footprint of out local buildings.

There is huge potential in our local buildings to be more energy efficient and to use renewable energy. We are engaging with local community buildings where possible to advise, survey and support them in improving their buildings and fitting solar panels where suitable. 

Wild Earlswood

Tree Wild Earlswood Logo Square cropped.

Our group are developing ideas around rewilding and tree planting, for the purposes of increasing biodiversity and carbon capture. 

We are engaging interested parties in a project initially for the Earlswood Commons (possibly including Reigate Common). Reigate and Banstead Borough Council are developing a new long term plan for the commons and we would like to see the areas getting more enhancements. This would not only be for the benefit of wildlife; we could take this opportunity, where people are more aware of our public spaces with the limited options of lockdown, but also have been experiencing increased isolation and sedentary lives. We are hoping to engage them in a 2021 project outdoors when we can come together as a community.

Redhill and Reigate

As our newest subgroup, we are developing links with local businesses with a view to supporting and promoting Redhill and Reigate to be more circular.