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Our Current Projects

We are at the beginning of our Action Groups having only started in 2021. 

To grow as a group, we will need to develop our imagination of how Reigate and Redhill could be living differently. 

Here are the 3 initial projects we have underway - but we are hoping to expand the range and scope as we grow - and hopefully create sub-groups of different interests. We have also been interested to develop interest in the 'circular economy' so if you too have interest in this, join us to develop a 4th project!

See further down for projects led by other groups which we support. 


1. Energy Action Redhill & Reigate

We are a registered organization in our own right, arising from a subgroup of CARR. We are focused on influencing the carbon footprint of our local buildings.

There is huge potential in our local buildings to be more energy efficient and to use renewable energy.

We are running a project through Winter and early Spring called 'The Leaky Homes Roadshow', visiting homes and advising on potential for reducing bills.

We also are running a roadshow - click on our page to find out more.

Wild Earlswood developed out of CARR following the pandemic lockdowns to engage more with our natural open spaces.  

We have worked since early 2021 to find ways of encouraging people who are local to Earlswood  and Redhill commons in supporting its nature. Reigate and Banstead Borough Council are developing a new long term plan for the commons and we would like to see the areas getting more enhancements. This would not only be for the benefit of wildlife; we could take this opportunity for shared activities, where people are more aware of our public spaces (especially since the lockdowns), but also have been experiencing increased isolation and sedentary lives.

See our Wild Earlswood page for how we’ve been getting on.

3. Reigate & Redhill's Great Big Green Week 2023

CARR have taken up the task of promoting the Great Big Green Week, which first occurred in 2021and is part of the national campaign run by the Climate Coalition. 

Other local projects we support

Horse Hill Oil Drill Site Legal Challenge

Did you know planning permission has recently been given for unlimited extraction of oil from on our doorstep from wells which will produce oil for decades - well beyond the deadline we need to stop using oil, completely going against the ethos of national and local commitments to reduce not increase fossil fuel use.

Planning permission currently doesn't need to take into account the harm of emissions from future burning of oil, only from the extraction process. 

Horse Hill.jpg

Support local activists with this significant potential test case. Find more information on the Weald Action Group website here and Frack Free Surrey website here. Follow them on Facebook here

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