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Is is apparent that we can't rely on those 'in power' to remedy the climate crisis in time. We can't wait for the required changes to be instigated from our government and big business in time. We can lobby and can try and influence decisions they make but at current rates of change, it will not be enough.

The pandemic has shown us what is possible when it comes to community action. In Reigate and Redhill we found that people were prepared to change their lifestyles for the greater good and to volunteer for charities and action groups to support those that needed food and provisions or support. 

This group has arisen as a result of some like minded people of Reigate and Redhill coming together in activism. We can start making the changes that are required, not just on a personal level, but in the structures of our community, whether it is by how we travel, heat our homes, eat, run our community buildings. 

We also appreciate that activism supports hope and the satisfaction of being part of the solution.

Climate Action Redhill and Reigate is affiliated with Friends of the Earth Action Groups.

They provide a range of support and resources for local groups such as ours. 


We are a

Friends of the Earth

Action Group

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